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Mr. A Car Wash

Mr. A

Do you want great maintenance and flawless shine for your car? Mr. A Car Wash is here to fulfill your wishes! We combine top-class professionalism, high-quality washing methods and customer-oriented service so that we can offer you an unforgettable car wash experience.

Washing the Car

Hand washing

It is recommended to wash the car by hand at regular intervals. Careful hand washing every two to three weeks can prevent possible dirt from burning onto the car's paintwork.

Engine washes

Cleanliness is also very important under the hood. A dirty engine is dangerous for the car and its electrical equipment. That's why it's smart to wash your car's engine regularly - this guarantees reliable operation of your car's engine long into the future.

Car Engine
Car Wash
Car Wash


Finland's varying and sometimes harsh weather conditions are harmful to the car's paintwork and contribute to rusting. It is therefore recommended to wax the car at least twice a year - after the snow has cleared in the spring and in the fall, just before the snow arrives (normal car wax lasts about half a year).

Hard waxes

Hard wax gives your car an eye-catching shine and long-term protection, e.g. from the sun's UV radiation, industrial fallout, tree pitch, bird droppings, road salt and sandblasting, as well as various air pollutants. The wax also perfectly repels water, so dirt and road salt do not stick to the surface of the car.

Buffing a Car

Come visit Mr. A Car Wash and give your car the care it deserves.

Mr. A

Our professional staff is looking forward to serving you and giving your car its shine back. Our location in Jyväskylä's Seppälä makes visiting easy and hassle-free.

We are open with extensive opening hours, so you can visit our laundry when it suits you best. We are ready to take your car and give it the magic of Mr. A Car Wash.

Welcome to Mr. A Car Wash - where your car shines and you smile too!

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